How to prevent disruptions in poultry production

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How to prevent disruptions in poultry production

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A continuous monitoring of production and packaging machines enables critical incidents to be identified at an early stage using automatically generated key figures. 

Fully automatic and complex production lines working at high speed have become a reality in today’s poultry processing facilities. But the high degree of automation also is a risk factor: Machine failures or other incidents in production are often hard to identify and remedy in advance. Clear automated reporting and escalation routines are frequently non-existent. Consequently, removing irregularities in machine operations often costs a lot of time and money.
The solution lies in the continuous monitoring of production and packing machines, as this helps to identify critical incidents at an early stage by means of automatically generated indicators. In this context, the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) plays a vitally important role as it can help to reduce production downtime to a minimum and eliminate machine failures by preventive maintenance planning. In this way, significant advantages can be achieved for the overall effectiveness and  the quality of production.

How a Russian poultry producer controls production in real time 

The vertically integrated poultry and meat processor is a heavyweight in Russia’s food industry: The company supplies some 16,000 customers in 16 regions of Russia with about 100,000 tons of all kinds of poultry products.
In order to respond to the challenging market situation, the company systematically sought possibilities to save costs and to make the production more efficient. Automating the production offered particularly promising approaches. In the past, the absence of integrated and digitally supported processes lead to the fact that the capacities of machines and production lines could not be fully exploited.
In order to realize the identified improvement opportunities, the company chose CSB to implement the FACTORY ERP solution. This solution enabled an increase in productivity, quality and process effectiveness, overall leading to a substantial growth in profitability.
The most significant benefits were achieved through real-time monitoring of production, paperless end-to-end quality management and minimization of picking errors. Its highlight is the control center solution CSB Linecontrol for optimal planning, control and monitoring of the production and packing machines. Now all data on the machines’ capacity utilization and performance are available in real time, and the overall equipment effectiveness is on a constantly high level. This way, the corporate group created a digitized poultry processing facility – and considers itself well-set for further growth.

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